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Wholesome and delicious handcrafted nut butter

We've used only natural ingredients to create wholesome and delicious nut butters that nourish your body and your soul. 
Te Whānau Nut Butter offer a range of locally crafted butters based at the foot of Te Waka range, in sunny Hawke's Bay.

Whānau owned, Te Pōhue proud.

Natural nut butter for the whole family

Whether you like your nut butters smooth or with all the crunchy bits, we've got you covered. We've created our handcrafted nut butter range with the whole whānau in mind. Discover our community on the labels, enjoying life in beautiful Aotearoa, NZ.

We're local & you'll see it

  • Local approval - We acknowledge the significance of the local Hapū and welcomed their blessing.

  • We give back to our community too - volunteering our time to make an impact into other's lives. 

  • We reduce our footprint - the use of glass jars is important to us and we encourage our nut butter fans to reuse or return the jars for refilling.

  • Find us- we are selling at the Clive Market, Bayview Market, the Hawke's Bay Food Club and Hastings Indoor Market.


Te hōrapa tiakareti

We've taken NZ's finest handcrafted organic dark chocolate, produced by Solomons Gold, and made a delicious and good-for-you Choc Nut butter you'll go nuts over. Kia ora - Live well!


Te hōrapa māenēne

The creamiest, smoothest peanut butter you'll go nuts over. 

The one the whole family will love, versatile for both sandwiches or sauces... it's smoother than your bicycle ride over the ranges.


Te hōrapa kakukaku

There's crunchy peanut butter, then there's Te Whānau crunchy... pack a picnic, coz this one packs a healthy crunch. 


Te hōrapa aramona

Delicious, creamy and smooth almond butter, the go-to pantry staple for snacks and baking. Roasted almonds blended with a hint of sea salt; so simple, so delicious.


Te hōrapa nati

Our creamy cashew nut butter. The roasting brings out the natural  sweetness of these cashews; once you start, it's seriously hard to stop. Pack a picnic, grab a ball and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. 


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